It's time to reimagine what's possible.


Calliope Advisors

Calliope Advisors is a mission-driven consulting firm and innovation partner for philanthropists, companies, and nonprofits who want to pilot new concepts and models to solve pressing and urgent societal problems. 


We seek clients committed to combating injustice, and solutions that empower underserved populations and heal deep division.


We are passionate and restless problem solvers dedicated to transforming the social sector through test and learn strategies that accelerate results.   

Let us ignite your innovation ecosystem.

Build New Ventures 

Deepen Your Impact

Strategic Support

Now is the time for bold and urgent leadership to transform our fractured society. 


"Lauren's leadership and creative thinking was instrumental in our success.  She solidified our vision and operating model and helped us build a strong foundation for growth."

- Kristi Kendall
 Founding Board Member,
Stand Together Foundation

"Lauren opened our eyes to strategies for sustainable philanthropy.  Her leadership, drive for meaningful results, optimism, passion, and tireless work ethic make her a key member of any team.  She is simply a delight to work with."

- Frank Kavanaugh


Fort Ashford Funds

“As a start up organization, Lauren's involvement has supercharged our team! She identified growth opportunities that will transform our organization and help us expand our reach and impact much more quickly.”

- Ashley Bell


National Black Bank Foundation

Street Protest