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Our Mission

Accelerate solutions to pressing societal problems.

Our goal is to drive a culture of innovation.  We bring a growth mindset to our clients acting as an extension of their team and an embedded start-up CEO or Chief Strategy Officer.

When new ideas spark, social sector organizations are not set up to effectively seize opportunity.  Senior leaders are tied up and focused on short-term needs instead of designing, testing, and refining new programs or services.  Because viability is uncertain, the risks in prioritizing innovation always seem too high.  As a result, change is slow or nonexistent and social sector organizations perpetuate the status quo and accept marginal impact.

CALLIOPE designs, prototypes and pilots new strategies, products or services on your behalf.  This enables you to focus on your core business while we identify strategies that help you grow and build for the future.

Let CALLIOPE become a vital part of your innovation ecosystem.

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and strategists. 

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