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Our Services

Ignite your innovation ecosystem.

We design and implement strategies that accelerate your social impact goals and objectives.


We bring a renewed focus to tackle the barriers getting in your way and creative thinking to help you unearth latent opportunity that is just below the surface.

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Build and Launch New Ventures and Pilots

Build for the future by testing early-stage concepts and expansion opportunities.

  • Discover: We drive an analysis process to uncover market gaps and opportunities.

  • Design: We identify potential solutions and collaborate with you on the vision and strategy development for early-stage concepts.

  • Implement: We test viability and execute strategies that help us validate the model or identify alternatives.

  • Integrate: We embed and transition new models and approaches into your existing organization with strategic recommendations and frameworks for a path forward.

Deepen Your Impact

Reimagine what is possible and tackle barriers that are currently getting in your way.

  • Innovation Workshops: We unlock creativity through innovation workshops that stretch you and your team to think outside the box and envision “big bets” that help you boldly take on new challenges and capture opportunities.

  • New Initiative Launch and Execution: We design, manage, and execute existing campaigns and initiatives that expand your reach and add surge capacity to your team.

  • Partnership Development: We develop high-impact collaborations and partnerships that align with your vision and amplify your impact through co-investment, brand alignment, and coalition management.

Strategic Support

Strengthen your organization and build a strong foundation for the future.  

  • Vision Development: We help you define your vision, values and core capabilities that will drive the social impact outcomes you desire.

  • Strategic Planning: We operationalize your vision into a strategic plan that can act as your guide and roadmap to assess opportunities and make decisions.

  • Business Development: We evaluate your financial health and support the implementation of new strategies to increase revenue.

  • Influencer Activation and Engagement: We analyze your current stakeholder network and identify underleveraged assets.

Philanthropic Advisory Services

Invest with confidence in high-impact organizations and leaders. 

  • Programmatic Development:  We codify your vision and values, charitable goals and objectives, and evaluation tools and frameworks to drive effective philanthropy.

  • Management and Implementation: We support grant-makers with limited staff as a full-service foundation office or as senior program officers to augment their team.

  • Measurement and Evaluation:  We conduct site visits, performance vetting, monitoring, and evaluation and develop strategies to track and manage your giving portfolio.

  • Landscape Assessments:  We create landscape assessments within giving categories or regions and produce recommended investment and engagement strategies.

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