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Welcome Ellyn Guttman, Chief of Staff

Calliope is thrilled to welcome Ellyn Guttman as our Chief of Staff!

Ellyn is a solutions-oriented leader that will support effective decision-making, project management, and execution of strategic initiatives across Calliope’s portfolio of clients. In her role as Chief of Staff, Ellyn will act as force multiplier for our senior consultants, helping deliver exceptional value to Calliope's growing list of clients. In addition to her support with account and project management, she will also be responsible for enhancing our operations and systems to drive efficiency and streamline workstreams.

Before joining Calliope, Ellyn created new programming offerings and engagement strategies to grow membership, revenue, and engagement in Summit, a global community of today’s leading creators, entrepreneurs, artists, and nonprofit leaders. In addition, she oversaw business and program operations as Production Editor for TED Books, the global publication of TED’s book imprint in collaboration with Simon & Schuster; and coordinated operational logistics for TED Conference and TED salon events. Areas of expertise: project management, relationship management, event producer, new program development.

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